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Plan your Turkey travel itinerary
Plan your Turkey travel itinerary

Turkey Vacations | Vacation in Turkey Planning

Due to its long history at the meeting point between 2 continents, Turkey is able to offer a whole host of different holidays to suit everyone. With a myriad of ancient cities, empirical capitals, turquoise coastline, diverse ethnic cultures and equally diverse cuisine from all around the country, there is a wealth of history, adventure and activities awaiting the traveller on vacation in Turkey.

Depending on how long you have to spend, here are some suggestions of how you could spend your time in Turkey, travel tips and itinerary suggestions:

Turkey Vacation Planning:

3-4 Days Vacation in Turkey
This is really only enough time to base yourself in one city and tour the city and environs, perhaps with a day trip to somewhere of interest outside it for variation. This could be spending 4 days in Istanbul, with a day trip to Gallipoli or flying down to Ephesus and back. Get Suggested Itineraries

7 Days Vacation in Turkey
7 days is enough time to base yourself in 2 regions/cities and it’s a good idea to divide your vacation spending 2-3 days at the 2 regions you most prefer. For example visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia, or Istanbul and the Aegean Coast with Ephesus and perhaps Pamukkale or Pergamon. Get Suggested Itineraries

10 Days Vacation in Turkey
10 days is plenty of time to see the main tourist sightseeing attractions spread around the country as it is easy to spend about 2-3 days in Istanbul, Cappadocia and the Ephesus region by the coast. Get Suggested Itineraries

12 Days Vacation in Turkey
For 12 days vacation, it is possible to see the above mentioned regions at Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus, plus add 1-2 days in the South of Turkey to spend by the sea in a nice hotel or beachside resort. Get Suggested Itineraries

Get a personalized itinerary now :

We can provide you with a full itinerary for all your vacation needs in Turkey. Just let us know how many days you have altogether, intended travel dates, no. of people, preferred hotel types and any sightseeing priorities. We will forward you a suitable itinerary to get your planning started!
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Tips to make Turkey Vacations more enjoyable:

1 – Flying between the main points is the best way to gain extra time and keep the trip relaxed. Don’t be fooled by the map of Turkey – it is an extremely large country with large travelling distances. Often a 1 hour flight can be as cheap as a 12 hour bus ride!

2 – Try to give yourself some time to enjoy your sightseeing and appreciate what you have time for – keep your vacation at a relaxed pace and include less sightseeing! This is the best way to enjoy your holiday and you can still return to Turkey with plenty more to see the next time with a different combination of places!

3 – Make arrangements in advance! Hotels and flights book up early for the high season and it is always best to book things in advance for lower flight prices and good hotels.

4 – Learn a few basic words and phrases such as greetings and day to day phrases – the locals you meet will be delighted to see your interest and Turkey is already known for its welcome and hospitality to its visitors. You will enjoy the experience much more!

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