Restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey

Restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey: Feriye Restaurant
A view of the Bosphorus from Feriye Restaurant in Istanbul

Whether casual or fine dining at restaurants in Istanbul’s downtown, by the Bosphorus or at other trendy areas, know that the best-known eateries can be very busy throughout the week as well as at the weekend.

Usually an advance reservation is highly recommended to avoid disappointment (we suggest at least a week beforehand for the most sought-after places to eat). You will be glad to have booked a table – you won’t believe it til you see how busy some places are!

Here are some nice places for dining in Istanbul that we suggest:


Feriye Lokantasi
Enjoy fine dining at this waterside Bosphorus restaurant with palatial 19th-century building building, sea views and an elegant presentation. Includes a large wine list. Advance reservation recommended.
Çirağan Cad. No: 124 Ortakoy, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 227 22 16
Web: www.feriye.com

Zoe Yacht Dinner Cruise
With panoramic views, Zoe Yacht offers a unique venue for dining in style on the Bosphorus with daily sightseeing tours, swimming, sunset and lunch or dinner cruises in Istanbul. Enjoy Turkish cuisine, a relaxing ambience and great service on board. Ideal for a romantic dinner-for-two, or dinner and cocktails with family or friends on your very own boat for an evening.
Tel: +90-212-2257670
Email: info@bosphorusyacht.com
Web: www.bosphorusyacht.com


Mustafa Pasa Konagi Restaurant
In this restored old Ottoman  house, delicious Ottoman foodis served inits cozy garden.
Palanga Cad. no: 3 Ortakoy
Tel : 227 49 00

Pandelli Restaurant
One of the best traditionalrestaurants of Istanbul. Pandelli restaurant serves traditional Ottoman Cuisine in the Spice Market.
Spice Market entrance,no:1 Eminonu Tel: 522 55 34

Daruzziyafe Restaurant
(This restaurant is temporarily closed for 2018)
The oldest restaurant in Turkey. Ottoman cuisine is served in an authentic and peaceful atmosphere.
Sifahane Cad. no:6 Suleymaniye
Tel : 511 84 14


Rejans Restaurant
Open everyday between 19.00 – 22.00. Credit cards are accepted.
Russian Cuisine and rich
selection of starters
Emir Nevruz Sok ,17
Galatasaray – Beyoglu
Tel : 244 16 10

Four Seasons Restaurant
Open everyday 18.00 – 24.00, except Sunday. Credit cards are accepted. Reservation needed.
Istikal Cad no:509 Tunel – Beyoglu
Tel : 293 39 41

The Marmara Roof Restaurant
Open everyday between 12.00 – 02.00 Panoramic  view of Istanbul city and the Bosphorus Live music, Intercontinental Cuisine. Credit cards are accepted.
The Marmara Hotel , Taksim
Tel : 251 46 96


Yosun Restaurant
Located further away near the Black Sea mouth at Anadolu Kavagi village, Yosun Restaurant is open everyday between 12.00 – 24.00. Credit cards are accepted. Fish and sea food.
Iskele Meydani no:1, Anadolu Kavagi
Tel : 320 21 48

Ismet Baba Restaurant
Open everyday between 12.00 – 23.00.
Credit cards are not accepted!
Fish, grills and starters are served.
Near Kuzguncuk Iskele (Port)
Tel : 0 216 333 12 32

Lacivert Restaurant
Open everyday between 13.00 – 01.00.
Credit cards are accepted.
Along the Bosphorus , Fish and delicious sea food.
Anadolu Hisari
Tel : 0 216 413 42 24

Nevizade Street Restaurants
This is a whole street spilling over in tables dedicating itself lovingly to the business of the Meyhane, or traditional taverns. Recommended Meyhanes are Imroz and Boncuk. Mostly rakı and meze places. Some beer bars here too.
Nevizade sok. Beyoglu

Kor Agop Restaurant
Open everyday between 12.00 – 02.00.
Live traditional music, fish, grills and starters.
Credit cards are accepted.
Ordekli Bakkal Sok. no:7 Kumkapi
Tel : 517 23 34

Fener Restaurant
Open everyday between 13.00 – 01.00
Credit cards are accepted.
Fish and sea food.
Telli Odalar Sok no: 5 Kumkapi
Tel : 516 40 02


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