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Galata Tower Istanbul, Turkey

Looking up at the Galata Tower in Istanbul!
Looking up at the Galata Tower in Istanbul!

Istanbul’s Galata Tower was built by a Genoese colony in 1348 as a part of their fortifications. From the early 13th century, after the fourth crusade, there had been a Genoese settlement in the city, as Latin Kings had been in powere from 1204 – 1216. Those who built the tower were the decendants of these crusaders.

Tower Panoramic Balcony:
There is a wonderful view over the city rooftops and across the Golden Horn from the outdoor balcony on the top floor of the Galata Tower. A lift is available to take you to the top.

Other Uses:
The inside upper floors are used as a restaurant and for Turkish night shows by night.

How to get there:
It is possible to walk down the very steep hill to Galata Tower by continuing straight on from the end of Taksim’s Istiklal Caddesi. Or walk to the tower uphill from the Galata Bridge side.

Opening Hours:
9am – 5pm for the viewing balcony.

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