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Turkey Travel Safety & Advice

Travel safety and advice for Istanbul Turkey
Travel safety and advice for Istanbul Turkey

Hospitals – Accidents and Emergencies

If you become ill or need medical treatment while travelling in Istanbul, Turkey, there are a number of good international private hospitals with English speaking doctors in Istanbul, including the American and German International Hospitals, both based near the downtown in the center of Istanbul’s new city area. Please see their contacts listed at the end of this page.

International Travel Insurance

Before travelling overseas to Turkey, make sure you have some level of travel insurance for adequate coverage in case of any accidents or emergencies during your trip. This can be obtained prior to travel in your home country or online and is usually quite cheap. Some areas of foreign travel insurance coverage you may like to look into are emergency medical and health expenses, vacation and trip cancellation, lost baggage compensation, airfare, car rental and other travel related insurance.

Food & Drink

A sudden change of food or tap water can cause stomach upsets. In Istanbul and Turkey, the locals never drink the tap water. Make sure you don’t go overboard on the spicy foods and only drink bottled spring water. If you are sensitive to dehydration and stomach upset, drink plenty of water and less alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee.

High Temperatures

In Istanbul in the months of July-August, the heat and intensity of the sun can be incredibly strong. If you are visiting the city during this time, make sure you bring sunblock lotion, a hat and a bottle of water with you.

Hospital & Ambulance Contact Numbers


Dial 112 for emergency ambulance service – this code is valid throughout all of Turkey.


Guzelbahçe Sokak
Nisantaşı, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 311 2000

Siraselviler Caddesi 119
Taksim, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 293 2150


Yeşilyurt, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 663 3000

Sıraselviler Caddesi
Taksim, Istanbul
Tel: 0212 252 4300