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Princes Islands Istanbul, Turkey

Princes Islands Istanbul Turkey
Princes Islands in Istanbul Turkey as seen from the water


There are a total of 9 Princes’ Islands in Istanbul’s Sea of Marmara not far from the city center, known as Adalar in Turkish, as they served as the place of exile for many a disgraced prince in days gone by.

Only four of the nine islands are inhabited – Kinaliada, Burgazada, Heybeliada and Buyukada Island. However most are in fact ‘summer houses’, used seasonally by some of Istanbul’s wealthier inhabitants.

Motorized traffic is forbidden so the use of cars, trucks or motorcycles are almost unseen. Instead the only vehicles used are bicycles or horse and carriages on land, or boats and yachts dotted around the little bays and inlets – the most pleasant ways of touring these tranquil islands.

For a custom boat trip around the islands with only your own companions, you can also rent a boat for a private Princes Islands tour, for swimming stops at secluded bays and beautiful coves.

This is quite popular among locals at summer weekends when many try to escape the heat of the city for a refreshing swim in the cool waters of the islands followed by a tasty seafood lunch.

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